WTF is Alopra?

Alopra is a company formed by artists, animators, advertisers, filmmakers and designers. We don’t just have a nice office with creative people, beer, paint splatters on the walls and cool action figures everywhere … ok, ok, we have these things! However, we know that no work happens without organization, management and responsibility. We don’t limit our creativity, but we have procedures to organize it.

We’ve learned this from more than 100 years of producing adverts, commercials, entertainment and content, as well as both creating and producing our own IPs. From creating the simplest of illustrations to developing characters and even designing complex 2D and 3D animations, we’ve done this so many times and yet we always have the energy and the willingness to see each project as a new challenge. By the way, you read it right, “more than 100 years”.

Since we were established more than 15 years ago we have accumulated the experience of our unique team members. We believe in the power of ideas and that connected minds catalyse change.

Why Alopra?

Are you still not convinced? Well, we could say, “Because we love what we do!”. However, this seems obvious or we would not be here.
So, objectively: We understand the whole animation process and at the same time we have a detailed knowledge of each of its parts. We offer services to both the advertising and entertainment industries. Because of our experience creating our own IPs we have the ability to co-create, manage and work on your projects. Since we develop our own IPs we fully understand the meaning that your project has to you.

Contact us

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CALL US +55 51 9961.02775
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Where we are

Av. Mauá 2011 | Sala 1203 | Centro Histórico
Porto Alegre/RS – ZIP 90030-080

Opening time

09:00 – 12:00am
02:00 – 07:00pm